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Operation: Scorpion
Date: Mid September, 2008
Location: Khor' Angar, Republic of Djibouti
Mission: Escort
Map Overview
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As war in Europe intensifies, its theatre of war also expands. Djibouti, a small country located around the Red Sea, the north of the Somali Peninsula in the eastern Africa. In the southern part of the nation is occupied by the national army consists of mainly the Issas, a minority race, is backed by EU while the rebels led by the Afars from the northern part of the nation is backed by Eritrea, a puppet government of NRF. The strategic goal of NRF is to control or contest Djibouti, the traffic central between Southwestern Asia and Eastern Africa. With this area secured, the petroleum supply for EU would be disrupted, hopefully to the point where the EU would seriously consider offering a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the ever-worsening situation of the European theater of war pushes NRF to employ Blitzkrieg tactic. As a part of this plan, NRF deploys a sizable force in this area to quickly topple the pro-EU government with the help of rebel forces. The outgunned and outnumbered Djibouti government seriously considers surrendering in reaction.

Such development alarmed the EU leadership enough to take an immediate action. The 5th International Regiment and the 13th Mercenary Regiment, who were stationed in Djibouti, are ordered to strike the NRF headquarter in full force. Their target is supposedly located in the city of Khor'Angar in Obock province to the north. EU must penetrate the battle line and neutralize the main NRF force before the Djibouti government declares surrender.
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"EU must attack NRF forces who have headquarters located in Djibouti.EU is currently moving forward with tanks.Before surrendering to the EU,the NRF are willing to take on the EU forces.

In the middle of the city, there are a lot of buildings and obstacles.The NRF holds a comfortable line of defence in the center of the city.EU has caught the NRF offguard with helicopters.EU needs to push their tank to the last line of defense.NRF will hold their ground by

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Open area .(1st defensive line)

attacking the EU tank and stopping it by any force neccessary.

Winning Condition:

EU:Escort tank to target area within the time limit.

NRF:Stop the tank from reaching its destination by destroying the tank"

In Scorpion, the objective of the team launching offensive is to break through the final target point within the time limit, whereas the defending team is to hold out and prevent the enemy tank from breaching its target point until time runs out. The enemy tank can be destroyed using RPG-7s. Scorpion basically contains 2 lines of defence unlike the other escort maps, which usually consist of three. Both defence lines have 1 weapon box containing RPG-7s.


The first defence line has 2 areas, the open area (the area which the tank moves on) and the antique/fruit shop area. Snipers often move around the open area and Riflemen take the antique shop way as they are less vulnerable to being sniped. If good teamwork is exercised among the defenders, they should be able to hold back the enemy troops for quiet some time .Snipers and RPG-7 users shou

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Open Area(2nd defensive line)

ld always be wary of the antique/fruit shop. Should nobody be guarding it, there is a high chance someone will come out from it and flank the defenders. The second defence line also has the same areas as the first defence line, the open area and the "fruit/antique" shop area. Once again, exercise caution. For the attacking team, should they be able to gain control of the area, it would

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"Antique/Fruit"shop(2nd defensive line)

enable them to cover repairs of their tank when their tank is destroyed. For the defensive team, they can use the area to prevent the attack team from repairing the tank .




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