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Operation: Shali
Date: August 25th, 2022
Location: Historic site by Lake Moeris, north of Hawara, Egypt
Mission: AI Annihilation
Map Overview
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It is October 2009 and the NRF's the surging attacks are stopped by a desperate EU counterattack in France, bringing the battlefront to a lull. During this time of temporary peace, the EU seeks reinforcement and secures strategic points in Africa and the Middle East to try to reclaim its status. While holding a pro-NRF Iraq and Iran in check, the EU engages Egypt in an attempt to gain influence over the Suez Canal. The EU promises support for large-scale waterway and irrigation construction as well as farmland development projects centering on Lake Moeris in Al-Faiyum, its surrounding oases, and Hawara City.

Meanwhile, while Lucas Duisenberg -- president of European Central Bank and the man in charge of the support projects -- plans to visit the sites in absolute secrecy, the NRF's internal intelligence obtains this information. The NRF immediately plans an operation to assassinate Duisenburg in an attempt to freeze EU-Egypt relations. An elite Spetsnaz troop is assembled and sent through Sudan to infiltrate the historic site north of Hawara City.

At the request of the Egyptian government, a special EU force patrols areas surrounding Lake Moeris as a precaution against the NRF's suspicious movements. The special force comes in contact with the NRF Spetsnaz (who are on stand-to at the ancient historic site) and the fight begins. It begins with sporadic attacks, but soon turns into a ferocious battle…
  — Map Background 

Shali is one of the smallest if not the smallest map currently in AVA. The smallness suggests that SMG use would be the best but Assault Rifles and Snipers still work very good here.



Minimap In-game

Shali is a very small map making nades also a very useful tool. There are only two ways out of both bases. One leads down a small hallway which is usually constantly spammed by newbies in hopes of getting easy kills as people try and scramble away from the nades. The other one leads down a twisting hallway. This hallway is less spammed but nades are constantly thrown around the corner of the hallway, or in rare cases, thrown directly over the wall to the other side of the hallway, where most people are usually camping waiting for people to come around . Nade deaths on this map are common. Coming out of both bases there are two exits. One is a straight way out and is rarely used to leave the base. The second exit is a very small raised platform. This small platform is on both sides of the map and are regularly piled with sniper rifles so camping on this map and waiting for people to come to use is a better idea since both hallways connect to both bases directly. If you come to the end of either hallway and turn the corner you are at the other person's base and in full visability of any camping snipers. Another good sniper camping place is at the end of either end of the smaller hallway. (the right hallway for EU and vice versa) By camping at the end of either end of that hallway and just looking at a little part of the entrance of where your opponents will come down the hallway you can snipe them down the second they appear.