Shotguns are primary weapons used by a Pointman. Known for their immense spread damage, they are extremely powerful at close range (usually killing within 1-2 direct hits).

Weapon Shotgun Remington870

The 12 gauge Remington870

However, Shotguns are only useful only in CQC situations and not useful in long range combat. Use them with extreme caution and risk. Like the sniper rifle, they can change the battle field quickly

List of Shotguns In-Game Edit

Shotgun Comparison Data TableEdit

Weapon (SG) Damage Range Accuracy Stability Mobility Rate of Fire Magazine Size Rank Requirement
Benelli M1014908351545306(11) Sergeant First Class Lv 1
FN TPS9112302040255(13) Sergeant First Class Lv 3
Remington8708510302040157(6) Staff Sergeant Lv 1
Blue Skull Remington908342040257Capsule
Saiga128010301540406(11) Sergeant First Class Lv 1
SPAS-127510301535355(7) Staff Sergeant Lv 2
SPAS-15707351540456(16) Master Sergeant Lv 1