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Operation: SHOWDOWN
Date: October, 2010
Location: A Transport company, on the outskirts of Bremerhaven, Germany
Mission: Demolition
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The unstoppable advance of the EU forced NRF to abandon France. The retreating NRF desperately tried to re-establish a firm battle line along the borders of Germany. It was at that time that EU intelligence caught wind of serious NRF troop movement in Bremerhaven, a port city in northern Germany. It seemed that NRF special operation teams had constructed a secret final process line and storage facilities for CL-20, a powerful explosive, at the MEER TRANS site that is located within the city in order to prepare multiple simultaneous bombing attacks in cooperation with a terrorist group based in the United Kingdom. Although NRF had been completely repelled from France, Bremerhaven is too deep inside enemy territory for the EU to launch any kind of large-scale operation. To deal with this threat, The EU leadership deploys a group of special infiltrators into Bremerhaven to quickly take control of the situation.
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