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This piece was developed by IZHMASH from a sports rifle Record-CISM. SV-98 is currently used in many Russian anti-terrorist forces. This high performance SR can hit a target within a spread radius of 5cm at 300M range.
  — Weapon Description 

The Silver Arrow bis is a Sniper weapon released alongside during the 25-8-22 Release update.


The Silver Arrow bis is popular due to its high damage as well as its relatively high rate of fire (compared to that of the TPG-1). Although some users complain that its one-hit kills are much rarer than with that of the TPG-1, it is nevertheless a versatile weapon that is quick to draw out, aim, and fire.

This gun is best used when quick-switching, as it has an extremely short drawspeed. The Silver Arrow bis's draw speed, about 80 milliseconds a shot, surpasses the speed of the DSR-1 and FR-F2 and almost becomes on par with the speed of the Mosin Nagant, granting it the nickname "King of Quickswitching."



Quick Scope

Sharpshooter Scope


7.62 x 54 R Barrel (+3.0 Damage, -4.4 Recoil Control)

Sharshooter Barrel (+2.9 Accuracy)

long Range (-5.0 ATK, +3.9 Range, -0.5 Recoil Control)


Swap Grip (+0.36 Quick-switch)

Rapid Fire grip

Recommended Builds

  • 7.62 x 54R Barrel
  • Basic Scope
  • Swap Grip



Notable Comparisons


  • The SV-98's stock is wooden, the green color most likely coming from orthodox priests at Izhmash rubbing it with holy leaves from The Berezka and then coating it with Putin's personal hairspray.


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