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Stone Temple
Stone temple
Operation: Stone Temple
Date: N/A
Location: Southern Turkey
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
Stone temple map overview

Three months after the ballistic missile "Saladin" was placed near the Shretapé gold mine in northern Turkey and threatened the Turkish government for independence negotiations and the Kurdish rebels were wiped out.

The EU Fleet Command stationed in Parliament is informed that the remnants of the Kurdish rebels are carrying the remaining one ballistic missile to the mountainous region of southern Turkey to launch afinal attack on the Turkish capital.

In order to maintain political dominance in the Middle East in the execution of the European War, the EU government considers this information a great opportunityto build close ties with theTurkish government, and after consultation with the Turkish government, the most elite special forces Dispatch to neutralize or destroy ballistic missiles.

Upon receiving accurate location information from the Kurdish Rebels, who had been hiding in the mountainous areas of southern Turkey through the Turkish Army Intelligence Department, the EU Special Command TFT will swiftly carry out operations and launch attacks on targets.

However, an armed group wearing NRF military uniform was ambushed near the ballistic missile launcher located in the mountainous area ...
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24】新爆破マップ「STONE TEMPLE」 PV