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Storm Blitz
Storm Blitz
Operation: Storm Blitz
Date: Late August 2008
Location: Hanover, Germany
Mission: Escort
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The 217th Combined Armored Division and the 623rd Special Task Brigade, tasked to secure inner German areas and the advancing routes, plan to detour through Hanover, a strategic point and bottleneck, and push on to Hamburg.

However, the NRF forces in Hanover foresaw EU's plan and mounted a prototype weapon -- a high power microwave emitter system -- on top of DBC station inside the city. NRF's top priority weapon project, the microwave emitter system, can provide air and ground targeting for all guided weapons within a radius of 200km. Although not fully operational yet, with the help of the extra height and the more than sufficient power supply of the TV station, this weapon could stop the EU's advance. Informed of such a new weapon, the EU redesigned the plan of attack to quickly enter the streets of Hanover, locate the DBC site, and neutralize the microwave system.

EU intelligence believes that the majority of the Hanover garrison has mobilized for the battle of Zandvoort, and that the operation would meet light resistance. To avoid the risk of the landing in Hamburg totally failing, the 623rd Brigade's battle tanks start the assault on Hanover. However, the battle intensifies as EU meets a tenacious counter attack from NRF.
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