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Large handgun model developed by Sturm, Ruger company. Supports improved operation and durability using the .44Magnum ammo.
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The Super Redhawk is a Secondary weapon. It was released in Aeria A.V.A during the 27th February 2013 Content Update.


Very strong secondary capable to one shot kills to the head. Very high recoil with an extremely slow reload time and recenter speed. Marksman weapon.


This revolver has many variants,such as SRH-Overrider(collected in Survive Mission:Overrider) and SRH-Plata(a new edition of daily bonus).


  • In full tap, the second shot will be on top of the first shot, and the other four shots will be near the second shot.
  • The Ruger Super Redhawk has an extremely low rate of fire, so careful aiming is advised. Zooming in lowers that rate of fire substantially but it is negligible due to the already low rate of fire.

Notable Comparisons

S & W M29



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