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Latest model with improved firepower, enhanced body and parts coated with aluminum for longer lifespan.
  — Weapon Description 

The Super V Sci-Fi, more commonly known as the Vector, is a Sub Machine Gun first introduced in 25-8-22 release update.


The Kriss Super V is an upgraded version of the (now-named) Kriss Super V Origin. Compared the original, it boasts an overall higher performance, with it's major upgrades being in ATK and Range.

The exterior of the gun is identical to that of the Origin, making it impossible to tell the difference between the two.



Ava Global Laser Sight
Increases mobile accuracy when fireing a laser, but decreases mobility due to weight.(Accyracy decreases can be checked on the spec sheet)
-0.7 mobility

Ava Global Range Mod Trigger Barrel
Suited for long range fire. Increases long range damage


Ava Global Eotech Sight
This accessory projects reflective and refracted laser, improving visibility and magnificatoin performance

Ava Global Multi-Reticle Sight
This reflective triangle crosshair on this scope inproves visibilty, although as the cost of performance when zooming.


Ava Global Custom Trigger
Modifing the operation type leads to decreased recoil for auto fire.
+1.7 recoil control, -0.49 auto fire


Ava Global Soft Grip
Increases spread recover speed but slightly decreases accuracy.
-1.4 accuracy, -1.3 auto fire accuracy

Ava Global Carbon Grip
Highly increases zoomed accuracy. (Recoil suppression can be checked on the spec sheet)


Ava Global Aimed Shot Shock Absorber Stock
Increases recoil suppression while zoomed. (Recoil suppression can be checked on the spec sheet)

Recommended Builds

Range (recommended)

This build increase DPS and helps you at mid range. It also makes headshots even easier.

  • Long Range Barrel
  • Soft Grip

Those mods are optional:

  • Dot (x2 HS)
  • Laser Sight



Due to the Kriss' high ROF and high stability, spraying is not recommended as you will expend your ammo really quickly. Rather you should keep the gun on target and put bullets into him. It's also a great gun for infection with its high DPS, but that also means that you'll run out very quickly. Note the low magazine capacity, that is, only 13 rounds (28 with magazine upgrade).


  • Of all non-capsule weapons, the Super V's range statistic is one of the smallest in the game for an automatic weapon, with only 19 points. Only shotguns, the SR-2M Veresk, the SR-3M, and the MP40 (capsule only) have lower range.
  • Kriss has one of the highest DPS of all SMG's.
  • This weapon is used by AI Bots in "Cannon: [AI] Demolition"
  • A common nickname for the Kriss Super V is the "Vector"



A.V.A 戰地之王 Kriss Super V Recoil Test 彈道測試