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Operation: SUPPLY
Date: May, 2011
Location: Katowice, Poland
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
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The main EU force rushing toward Southern Poland came to a halt when it faced the formidable line of defense from the NRF. A group of special ops from the EU is dispatched behind enemy lines to sever the NRF's supply line and wreak havoc. Their main target is an oil supply depot located in the city of Katowice. An intense street battle begins when the EU soldiers and the NRF garrison encounter each other. When the mission starts, EU troops need to demolish either the oil supply tank or the gas supply tank with C4 in order to dismantle enemy operations. NRF troops must prevent EU troops from demolishing either objective by defusing the C4.
  — Map Background 

Supply is a small demolition map that features two different routes to bombing sites, and a middle route that leads to other routes. On that said middle route, players usually throw grenades in hopes of wiping out some of the other teammates, making rushing through the middle route risky. Snipers also camp on the middle route. The defending team usually rush through the middle route and kill the opposing team from the back.

Since this is a CQB map, using Pointman or Rifle Man is suggested, and Sniper should only be used when you are on the defending team.


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