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Supply points are used to gain euros or certain items in game. The amount of supply points needed is found beneath the experience bar in the lobby and is shown as a percentage. When you reach 100% you are given 2,000 Euros, a Supply Grenade, Supply Armor, and miscellaneous, expendable equipment.

Aquiring Supply Points[]

Supply points can be gained through playing the game in all game modes.The amount of supply points you need to get to 100% is approximately 5,000 supply points(After update, 2,000 supply points). Supply points are based on the amount of time spent alive in-game; therefore, staying alive is your best bet for maximizing SP gain. Using that logic, joining games from the start can also help get a greater amount of SP.

Popular Methods of Acquiring SP[]

While you can acquire SP through all game modes, this does mean the more you play, the faster the gain. However, if you would like to gain SP quickly, here are a few ways to do so:

  • Play AI Demo - 
    • This is a great way to gain SP, average gain if intentionally losing and winning can lead to about 7% to 10% gains in SP.
  • Play Demolition -
    • This game mode gives a modest amount of SP in a shorter amount of time, 4% to 6%.
  • 3-Box-Die - 
    • While not alone does this mode of gaining SP, when done in bulk amounts money gained and supply money stack up making it a profitable method of gaining SP.