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The term 'tag' is widely used in many FPS games. Although the vary in meaning from game to game, it is generally understood as: "When someone hits an enemy with a sniper rifle but they don't die". In AVA this is sometimes changed to "When someone hits and enemy with a sniper rifle that would usually kill in one shot and the enemy does not die".

In AVA the factors affecting the chance/frequencies of tagging are:

  • The Sniper Rifle (some sniper rifles tend to damage the armour before the health (eg. AWM), while others compeltely ignore the armour, heading straight to dealing damage to the health (eg. FR-F2).
  • The damage of the sniper rifle (A sniper rifle does not need to have 100 damage to kill someone in one hit, however a sniper rifle having 100 damage does not necessarily mean it will kill in one hit all the time. The higher the damage, the more chance of one hit killing en enemy (usually).
  • The range of the sniper rifle (one of the most important stats of a sniper rifle is its range. The more range a sniper rifle has, the more chance it will one hit kill an enemy from afar)
  • The distance between you and the enemy (see above, the distance between you and the enemy affects how well your sniper rifle can one hit kill them the range stat of your sniper rifle is what determines it).
  • The armour that the enemy is wearing (certain armour is designed to defend against high-caliber shots which are from high powered assault rifles and all sniper rifles. They take all the damage of a shot, leaving the enemy's health untouched.
  • The class of the enemy (riflemen are the enemies of snipers in terms of tagging/tanking. Riflemen have the most armour of all three classes)
  • The body part they are shot in (shooting an enemy on the arms or legs will deal nowhere near as much damage as if shot in the head or body. Make sure to aim and shoot and the body/head to ensure maximum damage and less tags).
  • The current health and armour of the enemy (an enemy who has been in a shootout already will have had parts of their health and armour reduced. A sniper shot will usually finish them off.


Tanking relates to tagging where the enemy does not die from a shot which usually kills on one hit. However tanking refers to the enemy rather than yourself.

"I tagged him"

"He tanked my shot"