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[Temporal] Built on the same framewrok as the popular AR-15 (including the X16 and M4 series), this assault rifle is designed to fire the 7.62mm x 39 bullets used in the AK series. This ensures that the AK's magazines are compatible, meaning more firepower without sacrificing precision!
  — Weapon description 


The K.A.C SR-47 is a hybrid of the M4A1 and the AK47 rifles, using the ergonomics of the M4A1 rifle but firing the 7.62mm x 39 round of the AK47.

In game, this rifle is quite powerful, comparable to the Diemaco C7A2. However it has no modifications and is less sprayable than the Diemaco. It has more damage but tends to be more effective by bursting at medium range and tapping at longer ranges.



You should also crouch while using this gun, as the moveshot is not great and it makes the weapon much more controllable. At shorter ranges, especially around corners, spraying is a viable option.


  • The gun is the first of its kind.