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Operation: Township
Date: January, 2011
Location: The outskirts of Musina, Republic of South Africa
Mission: AI Annihilation
Map Overview
Township Map overview

A commanding officer of the EU expeditionary force patrolling the Zimbabwe border near a refugee camp on the outskirt of Musina in the Limpopo province of the Republic of South Africa was assassinated by NRF troops supported by Zimbabwe. A desperate battle erupts between the vengeful EU troops and the defending NRF troops. Both the EU and NRF teams spawn at each end of the map with AI soldiers. There are many obstacles and alternative routes present in the combat area of the refugee camp.
  — Map Background 


Township is a relatively small map, that could be played with or without AI. There are two sides in this map that are exaclty the same, where most of the fight are done. People should watch out for the people that try to come from behind because there is a hallway that lead to almost the enemy's base. There is a ramp at both bases where snipers are camping most of the time. Due to the size of this map it is easy to spawn trap the enemy. Grenade spamming is common in this map.


Most of the players are pointman in this map due to the small size. But if you play not that aggresive it is also easy to play as rifleman. Sniper class is more difficult in this map, becuase of the small size and the fact that many people will come from behind. Players should keep an eye on the fact that many people use a shotgun in this map, because there is almost no long range. Due to these many close range fights and using a shotgun, some players are able to get a very high score on this map.




A.V.A - Township IJJI trailer