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Under Fast
Under Fast
Operation: Under Fast
Date: N/A
Location: akureyri, iceland
Mission: Demolition
Map Overview
No Map Overview

Under fast is a Demolition map that is avaliable in Global AVA from update 26-11-2021 (Playtest)


The new under-blast map, under fast, the northern fleet of NRF forces that landed in Iceland to seize control of the North Atlantic and North Seas immediately after the outbreak of the European War, succeeded in taking full control of the entire island's maritime power on the second day of the operation.mIn addition, it began to restrain the movement of the EU north Atlantic fleet while disregarding the protests of the world. It was an EU army that landed in Iceland, but after receiving reports from the intelligence department that nuclear weapons were hidden in a certain distribution center, they carried out an assault operation on the outer camouflage warehouse. The EU army that found a large number of MICV in the building will introduce special forces . . .