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It is a upgraded model with its overall weight balance adjusted, recoil control and power strengthened through parts customization, and controllability improved by introducing the rail system and other features.
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The SR-2M Veresk is an upgraded version of the older SR-2M Veresk Origin. It was added in late 2016, as a euro-metered upgrade for the older version. It boasts higher overall performance, with the major upgrades being in Damage, Range and Accuracy.

See SR-2M Veresk Origin

The physical appearance of the gun is the exact same as the Origin, making it impossible to tell the difference between the two when just looking at them.



  • Dot(x2 HS)


  • Burst Barrel (Accuracy -0.8, Auto Fire ACC -0.4, Auto Fire +0.83)
  • Sharpshooter Barrel (Accuracy +1.5, Auto Fire ACC +1.2, Auto Fire -0.87)


  • Mechanism Improvement (Auto Fire ACC -0.5, Auto Fire +0.83)
  • Magazine Replacement (Ammo +10, Mobility -1.0)


  • Silicon Grip (Accuracy +0.3, Auto Fire ACC +2.1)
  • Ergonomic Grip (Accuracy +1.1, Auto Fire ACC +0.9)

Recommended Builds

  • Burst Barrel (Accuracy -0.8, Auto Fire ACC -0.4, Auto Fire +0.83)
  • Magazine Replacement (Ammo +10, Mobility -1.0)
  • Ergonomic Grip (Accuracy +1.1, Auto Fire ACC +0.9)



  • Do not rush aimlessly. Even though the Pointman is the fastest class, if you go offsides blinded campers/sound players will kill you instantly.
  • Do not fight over 30 meters; your gun will do no damage. Keep your fights under 30 meters.
  • Bursting in 5-10 bullets to keep a small crosshair.

Notable Comparisons


  • According to the in-game model of the Veresk, the Veresk appears to be the smallest primary in the game. However, according to the stats presented on this wiki, it is actually beaten by two weapons length-wise when both extended and folded; the KBP PP2000 and the P90.
  • The Veresk is one of the few SMGs unable to equip a supressor, which reduces stealth capablities.
  • This weapon is used by Bots in "Canon: [AI] Demolition"




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