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Special pistol model modified from an outdated lever-action shotgun. Improved portability by shortening the length of the barrel and the tubular magazine while reducing the weight of the stock and the loading lever.
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The Winchester M1887S is a Secondary released in the 26.10.22


The W-18 Hades is a rather inaccurate lever-action shotgun with low range and damage. Coupled its slow draw time and small clip capacity, the W-18 Hades is not a very effective Secondary and should not be purchased unless it is being used for fun. It can be easily overpowered by the Desert Eagle due to its faster ROF. The Winchester is not that great with 2 shot kills, and the lever action feature will usually get you killed before you can make the second shot.

However, the Winchester is a fairly stand-alone sidearm when compared to "other" shotguns boasting the lowest pellet count of 6( besides the Neostead 2000 slug firing mode of 1), moderate accuracy with the first shot within 10 meters, but rapidly losing that accuracy after the first shot, being able to kill in a single shot to the body, which no other secondary could do except to the head, however this kill range is within the 5 meter range for one hit kills. To armor, the Winchester has an extremely high penetration rating, so  armor is at least not of concern, ignoring defense in general is good since the recent update to armor types have changed ( Beginner armor is the new EA 08, and SA 09 being just as reliable) making most sidearms with low to mid penetration less reliable. Also worth noting, out of all the shotguns, the Winchester can not only wallbang ( shooting through certain walls or cliping corners) but also cause collateral damage to players like with sniper rifles, potentially scoring 2 kills with 1 shot in cqc.

If you are the person who loves diversity in sidearms, trust's the "one shot, one kill" with shotguns or sniper rifles, is willing to take the rate of fire, draw speed, range and accuracy into consideration, then the Winchester can be that one of a kind sidearm that you wish you could have within 5-10 meters when no other primary is around, or your abilities limit your cqc needs as a sniper.



Notable Comparisons

Remington870: Despite have a faster Rate of Fire than the Remington870 (by 10 points) and a faster mobility, the Winchester M1887S severally lacks the raw power of Remington870 and thus leaves the Remington as the superior shotgun. However, note that the Winchester is a sidearm.


  • The Winchester M1887S is the first Shotgun to be released as a secondary in AVA
  • The Winchester M1887S is the most portable shotgun in AVA with a Mobility of 90.1, where most of the Pointman Shotguns are rather bulky and have an average mobility stat of 75.




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