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Weapon stats are the listed (though not always true) measurements of all weapons in AVA.

There are 7 "regular" Base stats that all weapons have listed, though there are many stats unlisted that directly affect gameplay.

Base Stats[]

Base stats known to all, since they are presented in both the weapon selection and weapon shop screens. They are also presented on the ijji website.

  • Damage- (Dmg) The base stat that affects how much HP is lost when a enemy is hit by one of your bullets. Hitting different areas of your oppoent can affect damage as well, most notably the Head (which is weak) and legs (which is stronger). When upgrading, damage mods may be more favorable than RoF mods if you want to maintain accuracy, or (often times) you want to increase Bullet Penetration.

  • Range- (Rng) This is how far your bullet can travel (roughly) before it suffers from a damage penalty due to distance. 1 stat point does not appear Snipers depend heavily on this stat.

  • Accuracy- (Acc) This is a rough measuement of how true to your sights are / how tight your hipfire crosshairs your weapon will have. A low accuracy weapon will have a large crosshair when standing still and will never be true to its sights. Note that Crouching, holding shift (Tactical walking), and standing still increases accuracy temporarily, and that jumping and moving lowers accuracy temporarily.

  • Stability- (Sta) This roughly translates to how resistant your weapon is to losing accuracy between shots. This is particularly important to players who like to fire in full-auto, or snipers who like an accurate second shot.

  • Mobility- (Mob) This is how fast you can walk/sprint with the weapon (does NOT affect speed of Tactical walking). This is important since higher mobility weapons can somewhat dodge attacks more easily, and often (but not always) have faster reloads. It is also a very important factor in the Prison-themed AI missions.

  • Rate of Fire (RoF)- This is how quickly bullets can be fired from your weapon. This has the most direct affect on DPS (Damage per second) when modding, but tends to come at the cost of accuracy/stability since weapons recoil progressively greater as more shots are fired.

  • Ammo (also known as clip size/magazine size, or "capacity")- This is how many bullets you can fire before you must reload. Do note that higher capacity weapons generally have higher RoF's as well.

  • Rank Unlocked- This is the minimum rank required to purchase this weapon. Technically not a base stat since it does not affect gameplay, but it is often shown alongside the other 7 stats. Capsule and GCoin weapons are inherently Ducky Rank and equippable by anyone.


Directly affect Base Stats in order to better suit to a playstyle, as well as weapon Appearance. Not all weapons have all of these, and many only have 3. These are VERY general guidelines, as each weapon is different.

  • Scope- Has some stat bonuses, and the asthetic of what kind of weapon sight you will have when Aiming Down the Sight. Very important for snipers.
  • Front- Often affects Accuracy and Stability.
  • Mount- Often affects Accuracy at the cost of mobility.
  • Barrel- Often affects Damage, Range, RoF, and Accuracy. Also, Advanced Silencers are equipped on the barrel.
  • Trigger- Often affect RoF and Accuracy, but most importantly Ammo.
  • Grip- Often affects Stability and accuracy. The Silicon Grip is unique in that it affects Bloom as well.
  • Stock- Often affects Mobility and Stability.
  • Paint- Asthetic changes with no effect on stats (unconfirmed)
  • Upgradable- The capacity to be upgraded the current weapon into a stronger form, at the cost of Recoil and Stability (and of course Euros.). Usually upgraded weapons cost more to repair than their preceding forms, but there are exceptions.

Hidden Stats[]

These are stats not given to you in any statistic, but that still have relevance to gameplay.

  • Bloom- How wide the crosshairs of your weapon will spread when firing in quick succession (Namely, full automatic or in bursts). Low bloom weapons will stop growing after a few shots, a high bloom weapon might not stop growing until the clip is empty.

  • [Bullet] Penetration- How well a bullet can pierce material. Most importantly, this affects how well a weapon can tear through armor, as well as penetrate walls. This is very important since weapons with low penetration may come out significantly weaker than their stats say, as enemy armor can take more hits from that weapon before giving in.

  • DPS (Damage per Second) - Roughly translates to a weapons "True" damage capacity. High DPS weapons can kill immediately, where low DPS weapons may have to land multiple hits before doing any worthwhile damage. To find the true value of this, one would have to find out how many rounds can be fired within a second, and then multiply the answer by the weapons damage. A more practical "approximate value" can roughly be calculated using (Damage) * (RoF), but this is not always true since RoF has more influence on DPS than damage, so use it as a reference number only. In both calculations there are other factors which affect DPS, such as penetration, Range, and the use of a silencer.

  • Reload Speed (empty and filled) - How long it takes to take a clip and replace an ammo cartridge on your weapon. Reloads on empty (with no bullets in the magazine) take longer than reloads when partially filled (with a few rounds left).

  • Recoil - How shooting your weapon moves the screen / forcefully adjusts your aim. A high recoil weapon will bounce your screen in some direction with each shot, oftentimes upward. However, other weapons will makes your aim jump left and right with multiple shots, and other weapons have completely unpredictable, random recoil.

  • Silencer Compatible - The weapons capacity to put on a Silencer. Only SMGs and some sidearms have this trait. Silencers lower range and damage, but removes you from the map. The mod "Advanced Silencer" removes the range penalty, and sometimes the damage penalty as well.

  • Silencer Integrated - Whether the weapon has a Silencer built-in. Some notable examples include the MP5SD5 and the VSS. They do not suffer a range penalty aside from those dictated by their range stat (as with all weapons). However, they tend to have low damage, though whether it affects their DPS greatly really depends on the weapon.Although this is counted as a "hidden" stat due to it not being represented on the right side of the weapon select screen, it can be found if one reads the weapon description.

  • Scopeable / Zoomable (Working title) - Has the capacity to have the view enhanced in some manner. Obviously, weapons with scopes (like most Assault Rifles and all Sniper Rifles) can be scoped in. Some weapons, like the G3A3 and MP5SD5, are capable of zooming without a scope. Other weapons, like the Bizon PP-19 and AKS-74u cannot scope or zoom, and are perpetually hipfired.

  • Scope Time (Also known as ADS (Aim Down Sights) Time)- How long it takes to aim down your weapons sight. For most weapons it's almost instant, but this is partiularly relevant to Sniper Rifles where there is noticible difference which can make for a huge difference in playstyle.

  • [Weapon] Switch Speed- How quickly a weapon can be switched to another. Sidearms and SMGS have high switch speeds, and Snipers have long switch speeds. This is vital for those who use secondaries as their "main" weapon, and also vital for Snipers.


Status-based attributes of a weapon.

  • Non-Capsule- Weapons not in the capsule shop. Must be repaired. Can be purchased either permamently or Temporarily.
  • Capsule- Purchasable via capsule shop. Often high quality weapons. Must be repaired (unconfirmed)
  • Variant- a weapon directly based upon another, like the M4A1 Mk3 (or M4A1 Carpio) to the M4A1 Classic.
  • Permament- Purchasable weapons that must be repaired regularly over time.
  • Temporary (also known as "Rentable") - Ducky Tier weapons. Do not need repair, and dissapear after a set number of uses. They are extremely cheap to purchase and customize compared to their pernament counterparts.
  • Timed - Weapons usually earned via event or co-op missions. Do not need to be repaired, and dissapears after a set amount of time.
  • Supply - Free items variants obtained when supply reachs 100%. They work identical to the item they're based upon.
  • Non-Sellable - Permament weapons which are incapable of being sold. Currently, the only ones are the starter weapons (the G3A3, MP5A3, and the M24.)
  • Upgradable (see "Upgradable" post in "Modifications")