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Operation: Windmill
Date: November, 2011
Location: North Holland, Netherlands
Mission: Warfare-Annihilation
Map Overview
No Map Overview

While the NRF forces try to catch their breath after retreating from a major counterattack, they attempt to bring order out of chaos and finish building a temporary defense line. The EU forces, meanwhile, find themselves in need of temporarily stopping their charge in order to secure supply lines and make repairs and maintenances. As a result, The NRF and EU forces splitting Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands's province of North Holland, agree to a temporary ceasefire.However, the NRF's special forces continue field testing the Red Shield project (a BattleGear prototype development project) in secrecy, incurring casualties from both sides. As both sides interpret this as an act of provocation, the tention continues to mount. Evertually it leads to a long-range skirmish that soon escalates to a full-fledged battle.Both the EU and NRF forces spawn only as Snipers at the edges of the vast area that features a swamp and a neglected windmill. The battlefield contains obstacles such as destoyed buildings and remnants as well as grasslands, with many side roads.
  — Map Background 


WINDMILL map features alot of grassy and natural elements meaning eyesight and sharpness are essential keys to winning.

AI Version[]

"Players automatically spawn as EU against the AI-controlled NRF. There are 3 different modes available, Easy/Normal/Extreme, and players win any of these modes by clearing several rounds. Players can clear each round by killing a certain number of AI soldiers within the time limit, and the difficulty will increase as you clear more rounds. AI soldiers sometimes drop health packs and additional ammunition upon dying. The basic rules are same as Annihilation, but there are respawn limits to the player, so if you reach this respawn limit, you cannot be respawn again. Players fail the mission if the entire team is unable to respawn, or if they fail to score enough kills before the time expires. However, if a team clears the round, regardless of respawn limit, will proceed to the next round."

-Map Description

AI version appearance[]

There are only 2 abandoned windmills unlike the PVP version which had 4. There is no wall where both teams spawned at,only more tall grass. There are less hay stacks.




Windmill - Trailer

Windmill - Trailer