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[M16A4] M16A4's upgraded model. Removeable carrying handle and picatinny rail are included.
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This is an average gun with good damage, range and accuracy. When tapping and controling burst, this weapon's recoil is relatively easy to control.


Ava Global Burst Barrel
Increases rate of fire but decreases accuracy.
-2.1 accuracy, -1.3 auto fire accuracy, +0.11 auto fire


Ava Global Range Mod Trigger
Suited for long range fire. Increase long range damage
+2.0 Attack, +10.7 Range, +0.55 Auto Fire

Ava Global Burst Mode Trigger
Converts triple burst mode of X16A4 to semi-auto fire


Ava Global Light Stock
A lighter stock increases fire rate but decreases stability. (Recoil suppression can be checked on the spec sheet)
-3.3 Recoil Control, +1.9 Mobility

Ava Global Shock Absorber Stock
Increases initial shot accuracy and ranged accuracy during auto fire.
+1.7 Accuracy, +1.7 Auto Fire Accuracy

Recommended Builds

Ava Global Burst Mode Trigger
Ava Global Shock Absorber Stock



  • Unless you can handle recoil efficiently, don't use the burst mode trigger because the gun will have significant kick.But If you ever try that trigger,try to control burst about 5-6 shot and you must use Elcan to improve Accuracy ,moveshot is not so good but with control burst ,burn them with your gun !
  • Tapping and Bursting with the reflex scope (with burst mode trigger) on the M16A4 will reduce recoil considerably. Therefore, it is very accurate with a reflex scope while tapping.It recommend most is Elcan .ACOG may good but if you can't headshot sniper (with long range barrel) ,just go with Elcan


  • In real life, the M16A4 is the upgraded variant of the M16A2 with a RIS handguard and flattop upper reciever.




A.V.A 戰地之王 M16A4 Recoil Test 彈道測試 (原裝)