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When US Army's M21 sniper rifle became out-of-date in 1980s, new SR for replacement was sought. As political concern at the time migrated from Europe to Middle-East, rifle with an effective range of over 1000M was needed, and this M24 was the final selection.
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The M24 is a bolt action sniper rifle. It has been used by the United States Army and the Special Forces due to its rugged ability. Because of its relatively low damage, it is not as popular as the Silver Arrow Bis (SV98). However, it is still capable of one-hit kills when the bullet hits the chest or head, making it very skill dependant. The penetration ability of the M24 can be hindered even moreso by the use of non-standard Kevlar which may force the user to make several follow-up shots to get their kill.

The M24 sports a relatively higher-than-average rate of fire for a bolt-action rifle. However, it only has a 5-bullet magazine until it needs to reload, which is respectably quick, at speed of about only 1-2 seconds it can place the user of an M24 ready for the next shot before another Sniper. In addition, it has a fast draw speed and takes very little time to view the scope, which makes it an excellent weapon to use in conjunction with the QQ method (where one taps the "Q" key twice in rapid succession to skip the bolt action animation). It is not preferred you use this weapon as your primary sniper rifle because of it's low stopping power and as a result has a higher tag rate in comparison to other Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Because of this, a tagged enemy can quickly end you if you cannot line up a follow-up shot, but it is understandable if one is on a tight budget as its repair price is relatively low as with other default weapons and lacks an alternative. However, prepare for your sniping skills to be tested, particuarly against more powerful Snipers like the TPG-1, SV-98, or FR-F2, since you will be at a significant disadvantage. The zoom of the M24's standard scope is a double-phase scope, the second zoom is a small magnification which is small aid to lining up a shot. The accuracy of the M24 is tolerable as it has a considerable amount of deviation when standing but is remedied by crouching making the deviation slightly less.



Ava Global Sharpshooter Scope
A scope capable of fast focusing
+1.0 Aim Speed

Ava Global Quick Scope
Scope with quick first phase zoom
+2.7 Aim Speed


Ava Global 338 Lapua Barrel
Makes the .338 Lapua compatible, increasing power, but decreases stability
+8.0 ATK

Ava Global Sharpshooter Barrel
Increases accuracy but decreases auto fire abilities. (Auto fire rate can be checked using the Swap Auto Fire tooltip)
+5.0 ATK, +0.3 Range, +1.0 Accuracy


Ava Global Sniper Trigger
Improves accuracy when firing, but decreases firing rate
+2.0 Accuracy, -0.23 Auto Fire

Ava Global Veteran Mechanism
Slightly increases bolt action reload speed after firing


Ava Global Ergonomic Grip
An exclusive part that adds a customized grip, enhancing firing capabilities
+1.5 Accuracy

Ava Global Weight Grip
Shifts the weight balance toward the stock, reducing recoil, but also reduces mobility
+2.4 Recoil Control, -0.8 Mobility

Recommended Builds

  • .338 Lapua Barrel
  • Basic Scope
  • Veteran Trigger
  • Ergonomic Grip



  • The M24 Sniper Weapon System is the military and police version of the Remington 700 rifle, M24 SWS being its US Military designation.
  • The M24 is still seeing limited use in the US Army, but with the introduction of more modern rifles like the XM2010 and M110, it will most likely be phased out before 2020.
  • Ingame the M24 has a custom paint job on its stock.
  • Though the damage stat is listed as 85, in reality it is 107 according to the stats released in the Korean version of AVA. Despite it's damage, it is still weaker than the majority of the bolt action rifles in the shop and has pitiful range.


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