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In remembrance of Louis the 20th's 30th birthday, a well known gunsmith manufactured this elegant and gorgeous looking M24-type sniper rifle.
  — Weapon Description 

It was released during the release on 25-8-22.


The M24 Fleur-de-lys is a skinned version of M24 originally priced as a red ticket item in KAVA. Even though the the gun lacks range, it excels in close range due to its fast quickswitch and high damage.



Ava Global Sharpshooter Scope
A scope capable of fast focusing
+1.0 Aim Speed

Ava Global Quick Scope
Scope with quick first phase zoom
+2.7 Aim Speed


Ava Global 338 Lapua Barrel
Makes the .338 Lapua compatible, increasing power, but decreases stability
+8.0 ATK

Ava Global Sharpshooter Barrel
Increases accuracy but decreases auto fire abilities. (Auto fire rate can be checked using the Swap Auto Fire tooltip)
+5.0 ATK, +0.3 Range, +1.0 Accuracy


Ava Global Sniper Trigger
Improves accuracy when firing, but decreases firing rate
+2.0 Accuracy, -0.23 Auto Fire

Ava Global Veteran Mechanism
Slightly increases bolt action reload speed after firing


Ava Global Ergonomic Grip
An exclusive part that adds a customized grip, enhancing firing capabilities
+1.5 Accuracy

Ava Global Weight Grip
Shifts the weight balance toward the stock, reducing recoil, but also reduces mobility
+2.4 Recoil Control, -0.8 Mobility

Recommended Builds

  • .338 Lapua Barrel
  • Basic scope
  • Sniper trigger
  • Ergonomic grip



  • Fleur-de-lis is a type of decoration or symbol that consists of a stylish lily.
  • On the M24 FDL's body, it reads "Ce M24 est un soldat est un noble" which means "The M24 is a soldier, is a noble" in French.



M24 Fleur-de-lys AVA