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An improved version of the G36, which, based on operational experience in Afghanistan, is being used by the German Federation Army. Its relaibility has been improved by enhancing the inner working mechanism, and its durability has also been improved by plating the inner side of the barrel with chrome.
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The X36 Alligator is a skinned variant of the X36. It was obtainable via medal capsules in the Capsuleshop.


A vast improvement on the standard G36C. The Alligator is a great move shot weapon that boasts good damage and good ROF without sacrificing accuracy. MK3 and Sidewinder users will be right at home with this gun with very tight shot groupings from even extreme ranges. When paired with 08 or 09 gloves the moveshot accuracy is insanely good. Picking up quick kills with headshots is very easy as there is tiny amounts of bloom.Also the tight groupings can be a hinderance in CQB engagments of 5M or less.

It's best to shoot short controlled bursts of no more than 5 shots as the 6th and 7th stray and are unpredictable. Aiming for the head and side to side strafing is highly recommended. Tap shooting and crouch shooting are not recommended as tapping is pointless as the ROF is too low and crouching will get you hit, moveshooting won't and you don't lose the tight groupings. Whilst it's a very good counter-sniper weapon I wouldn't recommend taking on snipers if you can help it.




A.V.A 戰地之王 G36.Alligator 裂牙巨鱷 Recoil Test 彈道測試


SnowShovel G36 Alligator Gameplay

SnowShovel G36 Alligator Gameplay