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The CZ75 is a secondary weapon, with 16 ammo and high stability to compliment above average firerate. This 1kg secondary weapon does not weigh down it's user at all and comes with a basic 60 accuracy.

It's stats are somewhat similar to the Beretta92FS. The performance is similar to the Berreta, but it will take more bullets to kill. This should not be a problem due to this pistol's generous Stability(88.7) and Rof(8.26).

This pistol can be bought as an expendable item or a permanent item, though it is generally recommended to purchase the TMP or MK23 SOCOM if you plan to purchase a sidearm permanently. Performance wise, it's exactly what you come to expect from a standard pistol, though the CZ75 does have a generous 16 round clip. It shoots faster than the SOCOM but does less damage, so depending on how fast you can tap it may (or may not) kill faster in closer quarters. It does pull off headshots well, but bodyshots tend to be weaker then they need to be. It's weak damage compared to other pistols is the main turnoff, by it is rumored to have a faster Draw Time than most other secondaries.

It is very similar to the FN57, which is another pistol with low damage but high ROF rate when tapped rapidly.


  • Aim for the head at all times because the damage and penetration of this weapon is low. 
  • For fast tappers, body shots should not be a problem. The CZ75 generally takes 4-5 rounds to kill, give or take enemy armor.
  • Since the CZ75 has low penetration, try to pull out the CZ75 only when you know the enemy has been hit by gunfire, thus deteriorating their armor points and health, allowing the CZ75 to kill more swiftly.
  • Use the generous 16 ammo clip capacity. Spam shots. The 16 bullets is more than enough to make sure you enemy is dead in the hands of a skilled aimer.

Notable Comparison


  • The in-game CZ 75 is the "Pre-B" model, evidenced by the spurred hammer, rounded trigger guard, and the design of the frame and controls.


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