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Modified model of AK series manufactured in Finland. Manufactured with excellent engineering technology for high accuracy, it is stable unlike original Aks boasting high performance.
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The Sako Rk.95 is a rifle of Finnish design based on the AK-47. It uses the same cartridge (the 7.62 x 39), but is more stable than the original due to a balanced recoil system similar to those implemented in the AEK 971, AK100 series, and the new AK12. Interestingly enough, its predecessor used the AK74 cartridge (the 5.45 x 39), but the designers decided to switch back to the 7.62 x 39 bullet due to its power and accuracy.


The Sako is a high damage, balanced assault rifle, possessing great damage and predictable moveshot. It possesses great flexibility because of its ability to fight anywhere from CQC to medium ranges. Depending on the mods, the firepower, recoil and bloom recovery are interchangeble, making it limitedly customisable to fire in short bursts or tapping. The Sako features an abnormally high ROF for a weapon of such high damage resulting in very high DPS at the cost of some control. The weapon's fast reload can open your chances over your opponent in fast-paced firefights or engagments where you are outnumbered.

Tap shooting can be extremely effective when using Burst Barrel and Recoil Control Stock. It is recommended that if going with this build that you change to an 800x600 resolution as the bloom looks reduced which can improve your confidence with the gun and it generally makes aiming easier. You should never Burst with this gun and should only spray when you are less than 2-3m away. First bullet accuracy is good with this gun so headshots are extremely easy.



  • Burst Barrel (-0.3 Accuracy, Auto Fire Acc -0.2, Auto Fire +0.71)
  • Range Mod Trigger (+3.7 Range)


  • Weight Grip (-0.8 Mobility)


  • Shock Absorber (+2.9 Accuracy, Auto Fire Acc +2.9)
  • Recoil Control Stock