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One of the most popular weapons for the Pointman class, the X95R sports a high rate of fire with decent damage and range.



Ava Global Reinforced Barrel
Modifies the rifle to make it more powerful, but decreases auto fire abilities.
+3.0 attack, -0.65 auto fire

Ava Global Burst Barrel
Increases rate of fire but decreases accuracy.
–0.5 accuracy, –0.3 auto fire accuracy, +0.74 auto fire


Ava Global Custom Trigger
Modifying the operation type leads to decreased recoil for auto fire.
+1.1 recoil control, –0.40 auto fire

Ava Global Mechanism Improvement Trigger
Rate of fire increases but accuracy decreases.
–1.0 auto fire accuracy, +0.74 auto fire


Ava Global Silicon Grip
Recoil control increases but impact area widens when spraying
+0.4 accuracy, -0,4 auto fire accuracy, +1.0 recoil control

Ava Global Ergonomic Grip
Better handling increases accuracy.
+1.1 accuracy, +1.0 auto fire accuracy

Recommended Builds

  • Burst Barrel
  • Mechanism Improvement
  • Silicon Grip/Ergonomic Grip



Shoot in short bursts while strafing as the recoil can get out of hand. You should ideally engage enemies in close quarters with this weapon as it has bad range and accuracy beyond 30 meters.

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